AI Brand Strategy

To effectively tell our story, we must understand that artificial intelligence is more than just the next wave of high-tech. AI is universally changing the way we can think about both small tasks and big questions. It’s important to message the technology and our initiative using approachable methods.

UF's mission - AI for All

The University of Florida is making artificial intelligence the centerpiece of a major, long-term initiative that is combining world-class research infrastructure, cutting-edge research, and a transformational approach to curriculum development and planning.

This initiative’s depth and commitment make the university a leader in AI research and development. The breadth of the initiative will ensure every UF student develops a basic competency in AI regardless of their field of study

AI Across the Curriculum
UF is bringing AI skills to every student across every field of study. Our reimagined curriculum will make UF one of the foremost epicenters of AI education, research and training in the nation.​

The University of Florida AI initiative is empowering students and industry in exciting new ways by:

  • widening the contexts in which this technology can be applied
  • increasing the pipeline of trained students and faculty who can support future workforce demand

UF is a leader in advancing AI technology. More importantly, UF is at the forefront of real-world applications of new AI tools – scaling them up and making AI relevant, useful and more widely understood.

UF is operating at the intersection of smart people and boundless potential. Learn more at the university’s AI website,

What does AI at UF look like?

The technology behind artificial intelligence is complex, but sharing the work and education happening at Florida doesn’t have to be. When communicating about AI it is important to lean into the idea that AI offers data-empowered decision-making for real people seeking to solve complex, real-world challenges.  AI is not a machine-led movement.  ​Messaging should be consistent with the “Momentum” platform, yet have a distinct feel for comprehensive AI storytelling.

Download the AI Toolkit

test image to check sizing


AI is everywhere. It is important and cross-disciplinary. It is not an abstract, far-off or scary concept and should not be portrayed as such. The foundation of visually showing AI is to merge real-life and technological vision through approachable, exciting, digestible and thought-provoking imagery.

Key Guidance:

• Reflect everyday contexts while alluding to supercharged data empowerment
• Demonstrate technological heroes using AI for daily living, advancement or research
• Align with the larger “Momentum” brand direction yet show distinct and contextually relevant content to AI-savvy audiences in both academic and commercial settings

AI Photo Style


Visually demonstrating the use of AI at the University of Florida is an essential element used to tell the story of how students, faculty and staff are interacting with the technology. Use bright, full-color,  in-the-moment images to highlight human interaction and natural in-field settings that your audiences will recognize.

Leverage the main UF photo assets in PhotoShelter.


  • Full-color, in-the-moment images
  • Natural and well-lit photos
  • Journalistic, not-quite-candid compositions
  • People-centered images


  • Abstract technology texture
  • Used only as borders for foreground photos
example of font use


The font for the AI brand platform is Gentona. This is the only font from the university’s brand kit to be used in the AI platform. Different weights of Gentona are encouraged for use.

Key Guidance:

  • Heavy use of negative space
  • Smaller than average spacing
  • Mostly minimalistic design – focus on the message rather than the delivery channel
example of graphic elements in use


Use basic shapes, lines, dotted lines, numbers and letters to highlight data and the exciting aspects of the image. Specific elements are available in the AI Toolkit.

If using an element such as an arrow or target graphic, ensure that the element is directed towards a clear area of focus.

Key Guidance:
• Use minimalistic but intentional data overlays and facts to create intriguing, unique visuals and demonstrate how UF embeds AI and machine learning into each academic application.
• Use simple visual symbols and overlays in small doses to confidently demonstrate how UF is helping students and industry “decode” their surroundings.

AI Layout Example


The visual architecture of each ad is made up of several key elements which include the outer frame, stakeholder attribution (organizations not individuals), UF logo, momentum scene, data call out, and AI storytelling.

  • Use a hairline border to frame the image
  • Ensure that the thickness of AI graphics and illustrations is the same as the border
  • Run the department name along the outside vertical edge of the frame
  • Run image context text along the bottom of the frame
  • Run University of Florida text along the bottom of the frame
  • Do not repeat text next to each other around the frame
  • Use the orange logo if the text box in the ad is blue

Use the vertical logo with the orange background for AI assets. Alternative sanctioned variations for this logo can be used if there is a color conflict.