Campus banners are a visible way to promote educational, cultural, and informational initiatives across campus.

Submitting A Light Pole Banner Request

street lamp poster in campus

The Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing is responsible for reviewing banner requests. Review of the banners will address the following:

• Appropriateness of content/message

• Adherence to identity standards including images and the presentation of the university name and trademarks

• Timing of request taking into consideration other banner requests for the same locations and time period

Once approved, Facilities Services manages the installation and removal of banners on behalf of requesting organizations. There is a fee for the installation and removal process. All requests for banner displays must be made by submitting the form below to the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing (SCM) at least eight weeks prior the desired date of installation. Allow at least two weeks for review/approval. 

Before submitting, please consider the following:

Submit your request for review at least eight weeks prior to the desired date of installation

• Allow at least two weeks for review by SCM

• Allow at least three weeks for fabrication from the approved vendor

• Allow at least three weeks for banner installation

Duration of Approved Installation

Banners can be reserved for a 90-day period with an extension of up to 45 additional days if no competing requests have been received.

Banner Specifications

• The finished size of banners is 24 inches x 72 inches including a four inches sewn pole pocket at both the top and bottom of the banner height.

• The design area should be 21 inches x 64 inches after the pole pockets are hemmed.

• Banners must be double-sided.

• Banners must be made of high-quality vinyl, flame retardant canvas or other flame-retardant awning material. Banner material must be opaque, non-shrinking, and water, tear and fade resistant.

• Banners must have double-sewn seams at all edges and at both sides of the pole pockets. Metal tie-down grommets shall be installed at the intersecting locations of double-sewn seams, but should not obstruct the path for banner arm.

Please Note: If this is a request for banners to be placed on the North Lawn, the required banner size is 24 inches x 48 inches.

Guidelines for Graphic Content

• Content should be generic in nature and graphically, symbolically and verbally represent the university-sponsored event or activity. Text should be as large as possible so the information can be read at a glance.

• Use minimal text – no more than three to five words.

• Content may include the name or logo of the sponsoring university unit or college; non-university sponsors are not allowed on banners.

• All banners should follow UF branding guidelines. All policies in regard to trademark use must be observed.

• Logos should be downloaded from the university’s brand center.

Requestor Responsibility

• Develop the design of the banner following the university’s branding guidelines.

Review the GIS Map to obtain the light pole identification numbers.

Submit the request with the banner artwork included.

• Make necessary changes to the proposal if requested.

• Purchase the necessary quantity of banners plus additional units for replacement if originals are lost or stolen.

• Initiate a work order to hang banners with Facilities Services via email including the light pole numbers and locations. Please include a copy of the approval email from SCM.

• Pay for installation and removal of banners through Facilities Services.

• Deliver finished banners and mounting hardware (if needed) to Facilities Services Work Management Center in Room 106, located in Building 702, on Magnolia Drive off of Radio Road for installation.

• Pick up the banners from the Work Management Center after they are removed. Units are encouraged to recycle or repurpose the banners.

Please use the form below to submit your light pole banner request. Note that 2 MB is the maximum file size that can be uploaded. PDF and PNG files are preferred.

  • Max. file size: 2 MB.