Video Training Library

These trainings are helpful tools to learn about the University of Florida brand. Use these videos to complement the information in the site’s Telling Our Story and the Voice and Tone sections.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We recorded these videos before SCM completed the Brand Center website. Because of this, some videos reference a “Full Brand Guidelines PDF download.” We developed this PDF into the Brand Center website and have been expanding it ever since. Because of this, the original PDF mentioned in the videos is no longer available for download.





What is a Brand?
Learn what a brand is and why having an authentic brand story is essential through a clear, compelling, and consistent narrative.


Why Does What We Offer Matter?
Discover why creating a unique and sustainable message that resonates with all of the University of Florida’s audiences is essential.


What is a Positioning Statement?
Positioning is how we want to be thought of in the minds of our most important audiences.


Who are Our Audiences?
UF has many different audiences that we communicate with. Learn why segmenting your audiences is important to help align priority messages accordingly.


Why is Messaging Alignment Important?
Create clear and consistent messaging by connecting what the University of Florida offers to why it matters to our audience.


What are UF’s Six Personality Traits?
Personality humanizes the brand and shapes the overall tone of our communications.


How Do We Give Our Communications a Human Voice?
The brand narrative helps us deliver our messaging, keeps us consistent, and makes our stories believable.


How Do We Use Inspirational Language for UF?
Explore how the core themes of our brand narrative influence the language we use in communication.


How Do We Write in Our Brand’s Voice?
While specific vocabulary in your messaging will vary, ensuring the UF voice is prominent will be driven by six essential traits.


What is our Visual Language?
Our visual language of photography, typography, colors, and graphic principles set the tone for how our audiences see and continue to recognize our brand.


What Type of Story Will You Tell?
Answering the “who,” “what,” and “why” of your message can help you craft effective, authentic communication.

Recorded Presentations


Data. But make it Top Five.
Data Visualization and Data-Driven Decisions from the University of Florida Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing.


Introduction to Google Analytics 4.
Things to know about the new age of Google Analytics.


Accessibility over Everything.
Removing barriers creates inclusive content.


RSO Classification Policy.
Defining the Relationship Between UF & Registered Student Organizations


Creating the Podcast: Food is Our Middle Name.
A behind-the-scenes look into how “Food Is Our Middle Name” was planned and brought to market.


Creative Storytelling Techniques.
What components help make a story compelling? Insights into SCM’s Videography pre-planning and filming process show tools you can use.


Maximize Video Content on Social.
Learn that one size doesn’t fit all regarding social media video, the best specs and platform placements, where to focus your time and team, measuring success, and more.


Celebrating a Century.
Matt Splett, director of communications for the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, shows how their communications team worked to build buzz and bring awareness to this milestone centennial year using a strategic communications plan.


Getting Started with SEO.
August Woody, web and SEO specialist, in the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing (SCM) will dive into the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword research. You’ll walk away with tips and tools on how to get the most from your SEO efforts.


Tracking SEO Metrics.
August Woody and Ana Mertz from the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing show how to get a more in-depth look at your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts by developing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and finding ways to measure your success.


Accessibility in Marketing.
Tonya Smith from the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing reviews best practices for accessibility in online marketing.


Tracking Your Campaign’s Performance.
Erik Dafforn, analytics and SEO consultant from Exoterik Media, shares best practices for tracking your campaign metrics using UTM codes. Learn how, when and where to use them, as well as how to see this data in Google Analytics 4 to gain insights into the success of your campaigns.


The Benefits of Writing Op-eds.
Abby Weingarten, senior communications strategist for SCM shows how op-eds are written for state and national media. Learn more about how to share your viewpoint with the world through op-ed writing.