The University Seal

Use of the University of Florida’s University Seal

The University Seal symbolizes the formal authority vested in the university. Adopted by the institution over 100 years ago, it is used on our most prestigious and distinguished communications. The seal, an homage to the Seal of the Great State of Florida, incorporates our motto, Civium in moribus rei publicae salus (The welfare of the state depends upon the morals of its citizens), and founding date. Because of the distinguished heritage, the seal is reserved for exclusive official and ceremonial uses. The seal should not be altered in any way.

  • Materials from the Office of the President
  • Retirement recognitions
  • Graduation diplomas/certificates
  • Commemorative recognitions submitted from the Vice President of Business Affairs Office


  • The vertical UF logo
  • The primary logo

Please note, only University of Florida offices and departments have permission for use of the UF logos. University approved and licensed vendors can provide guidance on alternatives.


If a perpetual plaque has the University of Florida seal placed on it prior to March 2021, the seal can remain on the award until that plaque’s slots have been filled. Once the slots have been fulfilled and a new plaque is commissioned, the University Seal will not be placed on the newest plaque.

If consistency is desired between the plaques, an alternative is to replace the seal with the UF logo. The University of Florida isn’t responsible for the change or damage that could be incurred for the update.

UF Seal