UF PhotoShelter

Photography can make or break a project. Find dynamic images to support messaging and collateral in the University of Florida's PhotoShelter galleries.

What is PhotoShelter?

UF PhotoShelter is a curated collection of images depicting academic and campus life. The account is managed by the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing. The images are available for use by faculty and staff for presentations, digital needs, flyers and more. Photos can be found in the Galleries section of the site where they are categorized in the following folders:

Details – Detail photography is a great way to highlight UF’s many unique aspects. Consider using these images to showcase the everyday beauty of our campus.

Environments – The vibrancy, community and architecture of UF’s campuses is something to show off. Pepper these sense-of-place shots throughout communications to help the layout breathe.

Gators Wear Masks – These images provide a spirited and engaged look of campus life through the mask wearing and promoting campus safety.

Momentum Moments – This action-oriented style of photography captures the university’s work ethic both inside and outside the classroom.

Portraits – Portraiture styles put a human face to the work that is done at the university. It shows students, faculty, and staff in the best authentic light.

Spirit – The energy, camaraderie and sense of pride that occurs during social, competitive or student-driven events is the key part of the UF experience and the impact on the world. These images should never be a lead-hero when speaking broadly about the institution, but used as supporting elements.

To learn more about UF’s photography style, visit the photography page.


Request access to PhotoShelter by going to the university’s PhotoShelter site and clicking login and following the prompts. All faculty and staff are granted automatic access to PhotoShelter with their Single Sign On credentials. 

Once logged in photos can be downloaded from the non-password protected galleries. For access to a password-protected gallery (which are typically event galleries) a request can be sent to brand-center@ufl.edu.

Students do not have access to PhotoShelter.

Crediting Photos on PhotoShelter

If an external group such as a news outlet is using an image(s) from the PhotoShelter gallery, crediting the photo is required. Credit can be attributed as: University of Florida/Insert photographer’s name or simply University of Florida if a photographer’s name is not listed.

For internal units and departments, a credit is not required for use in collateral. There are instances of campus publications preferring to credit which is acceptable.