Internal Guidelines

Colleges, schools, departments, offices, centers and other units of the university do not need approval to use the university’s registered marks for official use.

All designs with university logos, wordmarks, or trademarks are required to use an approved University of Florida licensed manufacturer or vendor.

The Licensing Department must approve all custom-designed products with the use of university-protected wordmarks or logos.


Royalty Bearing Products

  • Any item for resale for any reason including, but not limited to, sold to General Public, sold to members, family and/or friends, sold to faculty, staff and/or students, sold for fundraising within the department, school or student club or student organization.
  • Any item that features a sponsor or commercial message (subject to a promotional royalty and must have no conflict with corporate sponsor)
  • Any item that is given away at an event that has a registration fee associated with it.
  • All other uses of marks unless noted below are royalty-bearing

Royalty Exempt Products

  • Campus Departments
  • Must be purchased with university/department funds; must include the name of the department or event (clearly differentiated from retail product)
  • Items used for operation of the department such as stationery, business cards, nameplates, name tags, staff shirts/uniforms, etc.
  • Promotional items used to promote the department, instructional programs, or events directly sponsored by the university

Sport Clubs

  • Uniforms or competition required apparel exempt from royalties for Sport Club Teams recognized through the University of Florida’s RecSports Program
  • All designs must include the term “Club” and should be submitted to the Licensing Department for approval
  • Use of a licensed vendor is required unless no licensed vendor can be identified by the Licensing Department

Prohibited Use

  • Alcohol, tobacco, illegal substances, sexually explicit or religious graphics or descriptions, or unauthorized use of other trademarks is prohibited in conjunction with the university’s wordmarks or trademarks
  • The use of a current student-athlete’s name on commercial merchandise is a violation of NCAA rules and may result in the student-athlete being declared ineligible
  • The use of the university seal on any product other than official graduation products
  • Implying endorsement, approval or underwriting of any organization, product, activity, service or contract by the University of Florida