Student Organization Trademark Use

This section provides licensing and trademark guidance for registered student organizations (RSO) based on their classification status (General RSO or University Sponsored RSO).

For more information about student organization status or classification designation, see the RSO Classification and Officer Eligibility Policy.

If you are not sure of your student organization’s status or classification designation, contact Student Activities and Involvement at or 352-392-1671.

All student organizations are prohibited from using the name, logos or branding of the University of Florida or the University Athletic Association.

Trademark Use and Language Requirements for Registered Student Organizations


  • University of Florida Brand Colors
  • The words “at the University of Florida” AFTER your organization’s name
  • University-Sponsored Student Organization (USSO) – If your organization is classified as a University-Sponsored Student Organization (USSO), it may be eligible to use your unit’s branding — if granted explicit permission to do so from the sponsoring department’s leadership.
  • General Registered Student Organization (GRSO) – If your organization is classified as a General Registered Student Organization (GRSO), it is allowed to use the words “Gator” and “Florida” in the organization’s name.


Merchandise and Licensed Vendors

When printing on merchandise (including t-shirts, water bottles or other promotional materials), USSOs and GRSOs are required to spell out the full organization’s name on the product instead of using an acronym.

Greek-letter organizations (fraternities, sororities, service organizations, honor societies, etc.) are not required to spell out the name if using the Greek alphabet.

USSOs are required to purchase merchandise and promotional material through UF-licensed vendors. Licensed vendors should be familiar with the process.
List of vendors is here.
(Enter the product of interest and University of Florida for the institution to begin your search).

GRSOs may choose any licensed vendor for merchandise printing. However, they are encouraged to use the UF-licensed vendors list above.

College/Department Student Groups/Teams

Gator power lifting t-shirt example

USSOs may use “Gator” or “Gators” in conjunction with the departmental name or with the “at the University of Florida” designation AFTER their name. For example, “Career Connections Center’s Employer Relations Ambassadors at the University of Florida.”

Game developer tshirt example

GRSOs may use “at the University of Florida” or “at UF” designation AFTER their name. For example, “Blue Leaders at the University of Florida” or “Blue Leaders at UF.” They may not use “UF’s Blue Leaders”, or “The University of Florida’s Blue Leaders.”


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