Official promotional logos are a tool for efforts that relate to the academic mission. These logos provide a cohesive, consistent and unified visual identification with the University of Florida brand.

See the chart below for promotional vs. university or departmental logo use cases. Promotional logos can be used on digital platforms, in print and on promotional items.

University or Departmental/ Unit Logo Promotional Logo No Logo
Colleges Initiatives Buildings
Schools Non-academic programs Venues
Departments Events Degrees
Centers Services Publications
Institutes Campaigns


Promotional logos must be approved by the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing for consideration.

Promotional logos are not meant to represent official UF units, be interchangeable with the college and department logos, or replace the primary UF logo.

Design Template

This system offers individuality and uniqueness in the design while employing brand-aligned, sophisticated typography to achieve consistency across campus.

A. Icon — A symbol representing the effort. This area should be free from typography.

B. Title — The official name of the promotional effort. This can vary from one to three lines, depending on length. The width is variable as needed, and the sidebars should maintain adequate spacing and not be crowded.

C. Descriptor — A reference to the unit or a further explanation of the promotional title. In cases where a promotional logo will be marketed off-campus, listing “University of Florida” is required.

D. Type Lockup — The title and descriptor together create the type lockup. The font, format and arrangement may not be changed. All elements of the type lockup must always be the same color, either the official blue or white (depending on the background color).

The Promotional Logo template can be found on the Downloads page in the Logos section.

Download the template


Developing a Promotional Logo

The Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing does not provide promotional logo design services. SCM encourages you to:

  • Produce the logo internally
  • Work with a marketing agency 
  • Hire a freelance designer

To get started, go to Downloads and under Logos, choose Promotional Logo Template.

Once the logo is designed, submit it to the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing for approval.

Dos and Don’ts with Promotional Logos


  • Make your promotional logo expressive, open and unique.
  • Think outside the official orange and blue color palette. Use color for expressiveness in the icon.
  • Use best practices and professional design service providers whenever possible, whether internal or external.
  • Consider simpler color schemes that aid in reproduction and may be less expensive to produce. Consider how your icon may reproduce in one color.
  • Use your secondary promotional logo whether you’re marketing in print, websites or promotional items.


  • Place words or phrases in your icon. The title and descriptor will handle that.
  • Crowd the clear zone margins between the icon and the title areas or overlap any part of the icon with the title/descriptor. Maintain clear zone margins as outlined in the template.
  • Include the Century Tower in your promotional logo. This iconic landmark at the University of Florida is reserved for the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing and the President’s Office.
  • Use your promotional logo for administrative purposes, or to identify your effort with the unit or college you are associated with. Those institutional contexts require the use of standard college/department logos. 
  • Use it as a replacement for the UF logo.


Can I adapt an existing logo that is in use?
Only with the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing’s approval. Approval depends on the quality of the logo you are currently using and compared to the whole of UF’s branding efforts. In some cases, it may be necessary to rebrand your effort with a new logo.

Why does the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing need to approve my promotional logo?
Our goal is to create a cohesive, consistent and unified visual identification system. It’s critical that we guide this category of the brand identity.

What do I do with existing materials?
You may continue to use existing materials until they are depleted. When they are ready to be replaced or reprinted, use your new promotional logo. Materials created after 12/15/21 should be compliant.

Are there alternate formats for promotional logos?
Both a horizontal and vertical template are available for download above. 


There are a few cases where unique and individual graphic logos may continue to be used:

  • Mastheads (journals, newsletters, magazines)
  • Direct Service Organizations (DSOs) with special marketing needs 
  • UF/IFAS, UF Health, UF Athletics and UF Advancement have their own standards tailored to their individual needs. If you are in one of these units and are developing a promotional logo, consult with them directly.



Please note that 2 MB is the maximum file size that can be uploaded. PNG files are preferred.